Version 1.3.0

Happy New Year!

It took a bit of time, but the new update is finally here. It introduces a ton of new features, improvements, fixes and a replay system.

  • added replay system
  • added jukebox unlock
  • added rapid fire toggle button for twin-stick and mixed control mode
  • added a new option to configure water quality
  • added a new option to configure particle effects
  • added the missing amount of time for the next higher medal to the time-bonus screen
  • added a hard alternative way to fight the true last boss without collecting all the fragments (1CC without shield)
  • changed game speed to only affect actual gameplay situations (not transitions, summaries, or other events) to prevent timing and audio issues
  • changed keyboard movement keys to cancel each other out instead of prioritizing one direction per axis
  • fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes be attackable while not on screen
  • fixed best time on the classic summary screen displaying an incorrect value for a full play-through
  • fixed incorrect mission medal calculation for area 8
  • fixed rapid fire not working as intended when using certain temporary weapons
  • fixed occasional vegetation popping artifacts in the background
  • improved boss health clarity by splitting the health-bar into different phases to highlight important transitions (where it is possible and makes sense)
  • improved stability and performance when playing at any game speed other than 100% or any update frequency other than 60 Hz
  • improved overall gameplay precision, timing and determinism
  • improved overall gamepad menu navigation
  • many other improvements and fixes

Eigengrau now supports Replay recording and playback for Classic Mode. Replays are automatically recorded and can be saved and organized locally. On Steam, they are also uploaded to the Classic Mode leaderboard for others to download, watch and verify (if available).

Full play-through replays have been successfully tested across AMD, Intel and Apple Silicon CPUs, across Windows, Linux and macOS, and under various other conditions. If you still find issues, please let me know in the community forum and I will try to address them.

The game now also features a Jukebox, as many players wanted to re-listen to certain tracks later in the game. It can be unlocked after hearing every available music track at least once or with the password ISABELLINE.

Thank you and have fun!


Eigengrau 94 MB
Version 1.3.0 Jan 03, 2024
Eigengrau 86 MB
Version 1.3.0 Jan 03, 2024
Eigengrau Demo 48 MB
Version 1.3.0 Jan 03, 2024
Eigengrau Demo 40 MB
Version 1.3.0 Jan 03, 2024

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